How We Are
Making a Difference

Humanity Forward’s advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. are supporting a healthier, more prosperous future for the American people, the communities they live in and the economy they create together.

Our Impact to Date

  • 24% Fewer households

    experiencing food insufficiency due to the child tax credit

  • 94% of child tax credit recipients

    do the same amount of paid work or more.

  • 3.3M Fewer parents

    out of work due to childcare costs after receiving child tax credit

Helping American Families

Helping American Families

Direct cash policies reduce poverty and the secondary effects that financial insecurity can have on American families. We’re working to help American families prosper.

Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting Our Economy

Our economy and the Americans who support it can be more resilient and better prepared for the future by advancing direct cash policies. We’re advocating for solutions made with the future in mind.

Strengthening Our Communities@2x

Strengthening Our Communities

Our communities are healthier with the financial security afforded by direct cash policies. We advance policies that strengthen American communities.