About Us

Government Affairs Team

Humanity Forward’s Government Affairs team turns ideas into action which serve the American people, by liaising with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and carving out bipartisan pathways to legislative success.

  • Paolo Mastrangelo

    Paolo Mastrangelo

    Head of Policy & Government Affairs

    Paolo Mastrangelo is Humanity Forward’s Head of Policy and Government Affairs, joining in the Spring of 2021. He was named to The Hill’s Top Lobbyists that same year. Prior to joining Humanity Forward, Paolo spent a decade with Holland & Knight’s award-winning Public Policy & Regulation Group. With his extensive experience in lobbying and in Congress, Paolo has led Humanity Forward to become a major national political force.

  • Paul Bock

    Paul Bock

    Senate Democrats and Administration

    Paul Bock is a partner at Thorn Run Partners specializing in lobbying Senate Democrats and the White House for Humanity Forward. He brings more than 30 years of experience in politics and policy, with extensive experience on campaigns, on Capitol Hill, and in government relations.

  • Chris Lamond

    Chris Lamond

    Senate Republicans

    Chris Lamond is a founding partner at Thorn Run Partners, bringing more than 20 years of Washington experience to his work for Humanity Forward. Mr. Lamond, who worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) and the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, liases with Senate Republicans on behalf of Humanity Forward.

  • Greg Nasif

    Greg Nasif

    Director of Public Affairs

    Greg Nasif, Director of Public Affairs, joined Humanity Forward in December 2020 to serve both the organization’s communications outreach and political advocacy needs. He previously served in a number of grassroots campaigns as an organizer and communications specialist, including Clean Water Action from 2017-2020. He oversees Humanity Forward’s coalition work with other advocacy organizations, outreach to state and local governments, and district staff for members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.