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Humanity Forward.

Humanity Forward advances evidence-based bipartisan policies — to decentralize economic opportunity, strengthen American competitiveness, and tackle global catastrophic risks.

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We advance bipartisan policy solutions on behalf of our families, communities, and economy.

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    We are bipartisan. We work closely with both sides of the aisle to advance the interests of the American people.

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    We are data-driven. We utilize evidence — not ideology — to advance policies that will benefit American families.

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    We are effective. We leverage the same powerful lobbying tactics that big corporations use — because it works.

We Solve Problems

Amidst a political landscape of ever-increasing partisan drama on cable news and Twitter, Humanity Forward works diligently and effectively — outside the spotlight, behind the scenes — to bring both sides together to solve problems on behalf of the American people.

3.7M Children Lifted From Poverty by Child Tax Credit