Humanity Forward has several volunteer opportunities available for supporters who want to advance the cause of achieving a Universal Basic Income in the United States.
Our volunteer program is a way for you to invest your skills, intellect and humanity in support of the policies and ideas that put humanity first. The work of our volunteers and grassroots has the power to increase public awareness of economic solutions such as Universal Basic Income (UBI) as well as support those most affected by the pandemic.
If you'd like to be a part of our exciting and motivated team of volunteers who are working to help us end poverty once and for all, come join us.
  • National Advocacy Campaign

    Make Calls & Bring the People's Voice to Washington!

    Humanity Calls Volunteer
    • Calling supporters for those interested in Amplify Your Voice campaign.
    • 2 hour shifts, twice each week
    Humanity Calls Volunteer Coordinator
    • Volunteer leadership position
    • Organizes volunteer callers including scheduling, calendar notifications, and reminders.
    • ¬†Monitors follow up calls and manages caller database.
    • 15 hours a week.
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  • HF Amplifiers

    Amplify our call for human dignity!

    Humanity Forward Twitter Amplifier
    • Amplifying Humanity Forward messaging on Twitter to reach new audiences.
    • No more than 1 hour each week

Help us end poverty once and for all

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