Get Involved


Humanity Forward has several volunteer opportunities available for supporters.

Our volunteer program is a way for you to invest your skills, intellect and humanity in support of the policies and ideas that put humanity first.

If you’d like to be a part of our exciting and motivated team of volunteers who are working to help us end poverty once and for all, come join us.

Make Calls & Bring the People’s Voice to Washington!

Humanity Calls Volunteer

  • Calling supporters for those interested in Amplify Your Voice campaign.
  • 2 hour shifts, twice each week

Humanity Calls Volunteer Coordinator

  • Volunteer leadership position
  • Organizes volunteer callers including scheduling, calendar notifications, and reminders.
  •  Monitors follow up calls and manages caller database.
  • 15 hours a week.

Amplify Our Call for Human Dignity!

Humanity Forward Twitter Amplifier

  • Amplifying Humanity Forward messaging on Twitter to reach new audiences.
  • No more than 1 hour each week

Help Us End Poverty Once and for All