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Citizen Voice: We need CTC Compromise, Not Defeat

Right now, families across the nation are in a state of emergency.

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I am a veteran. In the military, we learn to adjust our mission to reality on the ground. A compromise on the Child Tax Credit is the only way to achieve any level of success. Right now, families across the nation are in a state of emergency as our greatest new ally in these hard times – the monthly CTC – has an unclear future at a time when certainty is of great value. 

Veteran Speaks on the Need for CTC Compromise

The hardships parents faced in December, when we received the final monthly Child Tax Credit payments for our children, have only gotten worse. With the monthly CTC, I could afford to repair the van that my two and five-year-old ride in, and keep it insured every month. These essentials don’t fall under the traditional umbrella of “childcare,” but benefit my family all the same. The peace of mind and necessities provided by the monthly Child Tax Credit payments were invaluable. 

As a veteran, I believe in fundamental American values – the most important being the family unit. Our representatives need to remember why this program was extended in the first place: to keep families strong in the face of difficult odds. Our members of Congress must find a way to renew this program.

Von Doromal – Veteran and Parent, Georgia