About Humanity Forward

Humanity Forward is a nonprofit organization pushing for solutions to the biggest problems of the 21st century.
Founded in March 2020, Humanity Forward's goals quickly became defined by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns being implemented in dozens of states across America, many workers were forced into the impossible decision between staying safe from infection at home or earning a paycheck and risking exposure to a deadly virus.
From early on, the solution was clear to us:
If we're going to tell you to stay home, we should pay you to do it.


Here's how we accomplish our mission:
  • Conduct large-scale bipartisan lobbying efforts to scale political divides and make progress on human-centered policies.
  • Empower Americans to retake control of their data and get compensated for its use by big tech companies.




Our accomplishments so far:
Humanity Forward
Successfully worked with Congressional partners to introduce the first-ever bipartisan cash relief bill.
Lobbied members of Congress to secure $166 Billion in direct cash relief for American families in December 2020.
Humanity Forward Foundation

Our History

Over 8 million Americans have fallen below the poverty line since the start of the pandemic.
Our singular focus since then has been to get money into the hands of American families so that they can avoid the worst economic outcomes of this crisis: hunger, evictions, foreclosures and insurmountable debt.
In Spring and Summer of 2020, the Humanity Forward Foundation put our belief in cash relief into action by delivering microgrants directly to people with demonstrated need. These recipients then put that money towards covering basic expenses like rent and mortgage payments, utility bills, groceries and healthcare debt.
The COVID-19 Pandemic did not introduce scarcity to American life.
It did, however, make scarcity impossible to ignore and compound the financial jeopardy of millions of families.
Prior to March 2020, studies indicated that more than half of all American households were already unable to afford an unexpected $500 expense.
To continue to impact those most in need and to demonstrate the benefits of a universal basic income to remedy the problem of nationwide financial insecurity, the Humanity Forward Foundation partnered with the $1K Project in August 2020. Through the help of generous sponsors, the collaboration enabled 1,000 families to receive a basic income of $1000 each month for three months.
In all, the Humanity Forward Foundation has worked to dispense over $10 million in direct cash initiatives to struggling Americans. But we haven’t stopped.
In October 2020, the Humanity Forward Foundation partnered with Spark of Hudson to launch HudsonUP, a basic income pilot to benefit 25 households in Hudson, NY and study the long term benefits of a universal basic income. The program’s recipients began to receive a basic income of $500 per month that fall, and will be able to rely on the added security it provides until 2025.
By November 2020, Americans who relied on relief provisions like the $1200 stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment benefits from the CARES Act had been waiting for more action on economic relief out of Washington for nearly nine months.
The popularity of cash relief policies like stimulus checks and universal basic income had only risen since the passage of the CARES Act, yet no further action had been taken by Congress to alleviate the pressure on millions of Americans who struggled to make ends meet.
In response, Humanity Forward launched a national advocacy campaign to bridge partisan divides and bring American families direct relief. By lobbying Congress on behalf of struggling American families, Humanity Forward would provide the first organized effort to lobby Congress to act on the growing public demand for additional stimulus checks.
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