Susan Danziger Joins Board of Humanity Forward Foundation

October 27

We are excited to announce that Susan Danziger has joined the Board of The Humanity Forward Foundation. Susan is co-founder of HudsonUP, a basic income pilot launching today in Hudson, NY; HudsonUP is a collaboration between Humanity Forward and The Spark of Hudson (the latter also founded by her).
Susan has been instrumental in launching this first small city U.S. basic income pilot, which will be immensely helpful as the UBI research field grows and as we continue to make the case for UBI across the country. Per Susan, “I’m excited to serve on the Humanity Forward Foundation board to help bring UBI to the world. It’s the most accelerated way to bring people relief from massive unemployment and finally pay for all the unpaid work women in particular have been doing for years: taking care of kids, the elderly, their communities and the environment.”
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