The people’s lobby on cash relief will push for a bipartisan plan for recurring $500 cash relief over four months, with conditions to continue.

January 11


NEW YORK — Humanity Forward will push members of Congress to pass four months of recurring $500/month checks, as part of President-elect Biden’s forthcoming stimulus plan, in accordance with the incoming president’s pledge to provide $2000 of direct cash relief to the American people.
Working with a broad, bipartisan coalition in Congress, Humanity Forward (HF) has served as an advocate in Washington for recurring direct cash relief payments to qualifying individuals, to help struggling families and revive the economy. Allies of HF successfully pressured Congressional Leadership to include direct payments in the pandemic relief bill passed in December. HF thereafter supported the push by President Trump and bipartisan majorities in both chambers of Congress to increase the size of the stimulus checks to $2,000.
However, HF is concerned that the relative unpredictability of Congress could further hamper the economic recovery and leave families unable to plan their budgets, even with $2,000 cash infusions. Unaware of further relief, families would be inclined to save the money and spend it as slowly as possible. And if the economic recovery slows or accelerates, Congress will have no mechanism to adjust relief.
Instead, HF is calling on Congress to spread $2000 of relief over four months in direct payments of $500 on the first of every month to qualifying individuals and families, with automatic stabilizers to continue relief as needed. This fiscally sound plan gives families months of budgeting assistance, and ensures a recovery will take place from the bottom up, lifting families out of desperation and ensuring they can spend the money as they receive it.
HF will be advocating for a version of this compromise plan to members of Congress from both parties over the coming weeks.
Humanity Forward is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to building bipartisan coalitions to advance the economic interests and policy priorities of the American people.
If you or your outlet is interested in covering the impacts of Humanity Forward or Andrew Yang in advocating for direct cash relief for the American people, or speaking with the cosponsors of this legislation for an interview, please contact Humanity Forwards' press secretary Greg Nasif at Thank you.
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