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We are Humanity Forward, a 501(c)4 non-profit with the goal of ending poverty in America. Humanity Forward advances smart, popular policies in Washington, D.C. that will transform American poverty into a shadow of its former self.

Our 21st century economy is evolving at a pace that threatens to leave many Americans behind instead of better off. Without a policy adaptation that addresses the rapid transformations to the economy, the United States risks pushing more people into poverty without sufficient recourse and compounding many of the social issues that are linked to poverty.

The United States is approaching a defining choice in the face of these problems: adapt or decline.

Humanity Forward seeks to advance financial independence and economic stability for American workers with Congress by advancing flexible and efficient policies with the future in mind. To better adapt the economy to challenges posed by automation, outsourcing of work overseas and unforeseen economic crises, the politics of the 21st century must spotlight direct cash policies for American citizens.

Recently, there has been a groundswell of support for direct cash initiatives — Humanity Forward is the outlet for that support on Capitol Hill. By working with Democrats, Independents and Republicans, Humanity Forward bridges partisan divides over economic relief for everyday working people. 

As the only bipartisan organization fighting for policies that put money in the people’s hands, Humanity Forward has bridged partisan divides to win victories for anti-poverty legislation. A key part of this success is conveying real life situations from everyday people to legislative staff, House Representatives and Senators. 

That’s why Humanity Forward is a first-of-its-kind bipartisan lobbying operation. Just like corporate America, Humanity Forward invests in lobbying and ensuring a massive return on investment. Unlike corporate America, that return isn’t boosting a corporation’s bottom line — it’s being delivered directly to the benefit of American people, communities, and families. In this way, Humanity Forward seeks to act as “The People’s Lobby” for American citizens in Washington, D.C.

This bipartisan approach also secures the future policy projects by protecting it from partisan branding. If policies like the Child Tax Credit become unapproachable to one party or the other, that could jeopardize Humanity Forward’s mission of ending poverty.

There’s clear momentum for the solutions Humanity Forward advocates for — that’s because they’re working. People are already experiencing the life-changing benefits of these policies.

The work is far from complete. There’s still much to do to end poverty in America.